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Getting comfortable in a new community can take time, but Eglobal Service we’ll Promise to make your move as smooth as possible. Our relocation department, which is locally based in Porto Alegre, can help you move around the corner, in Brazil or across the world. A specialized Relocation agent is assigned to handle every aspect of your transfer, from determining your housing need to introducing you to our cities.

  • Initial employee telephone consultation
  • Client consultation and agreement of service levels
  • Employee and family local Area Orientation
  • Visiting a selection of property styles
  • Visit some key schools in the area
  • General orientation of local services – public transport and shopping
  • General orientation of social and entertainment areas – local parks and recreational facilities
  • Provide impartial advice on area and lifestyle
  • Address employee’s questions and any concerns around the move



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.Visa & Immigration:

The timely processing of proper documentation work and residence permits is critical to facilitating everything from shipment clearance and housing and school registration to banking. We can assist the company and the employee / private individual with all these services in most of the locations. (For further information concerning legal advice and Immigration assistance please visit our Immigration sector)HomeSearch:
Our specialized home search and screening service is based on client preferences and needs. By means of a detailed questionnaire and/or a personal interview, we determine the exact housing requirements.
According to the specific needs, we prepare a short list of properties and send you photographs and details via email. Before your arrival you will received a detailed agenda with the visits to the properties. We accompany you in all the visits, provide intermediation and facilitate communication with agents and property owners.
Let our local knowledge help you spend your limited house hunting time efficiently and productively.  Living and working in the area, we know all the new developments and local towns and villages.
• Preparation prior to arrival
• Elaboration of schedule
• Home inspection and inventory to establish move in conditions
• Accompanied visits to properties
• Lease negotiation
• Cleaning services
• Connection of utilities and telephon.SchoolSearch:

Eglobal Service Education Assistance is a customized program designed to assist families in determining the right schools in the host location.  Developed as an addition to the Pre-visit program, Education Assistance allows parents to concentrate on education and then maximize their Home Search programs. An Eglobal Service relocation counselor assists parents in narrowing down the prospective schools prior to arrival, managing their time and addressing key questions and concerns.
Although each Education Assistance is unique, all programs include the following:
• Detailed school search needs analysis
• Set up interviews with schools
• Assist with registration
• School search comparisons

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Intercultural and language training:

Providing the necessary intercultural and language training as part of an international relocation support will substantially help your relocating employee / private individual to communicate and integrate effectively in your new location.
Eglobal Service provides flexible intercultural and language training programs which are based on a professional assessment of the individual’s intercultural and language training needs.
• Setting up of language training
• Intercultural training program for adults and children
• Individual, group or family options available.Cost of living assessment:

We can provide both cost of living and housing comparisons for the corporate client. This information should be used as part of the overall assessment of the differential they will agree to pay to a transferee that is relocating to a more expensive area. In order to accurately use these figures, it is necessary to receive the actual areas of the relocation and not merely the city.
In order to reach an accurate budget assessment of the proposed relocation, we can make available a cost forecast, taking into account the cost of living information in the specific city as well as the employees specific home.
Expense & support management :
Eglobal Service Expense & Support Management program, takes the burden from the Client Company by handling the payment of assignees approved expenses. In order to reach an accurate budget assessment of the proposed relocation, we can make available a cost forecast, taking into account the cost of living information in the specific city as well as the employee’s specific home and daily/ monthly expenses..
▪ Monthly recurring rents
▪ Utility bills, gas, electricity, telephone, internet, TV, etc…
▪ School fees
▪ Property repair and maintenance costs
▪ Car leasing
▪ Alarm/security monitoring
▪ InsuranceDaily Business Comfort:

Eglobal Service offers a complete ground transportation and logistical support for today’s executives, corporate travelers and business groups. Our chauffeurs are trained to work within a corporate environment and will deliver a consistent and dedicated corporate transportation experience. We can assist you with meetings, events, road shows and airport transportation with wide verity of economic, hybrid and luxury vehicles.Settling-In & Services:Eglobal Service Settling-In Program has an itinerary based on your needs analysis. Our accompanied program consists of post-move assistance for you and your family. We take care of day to day matters to help you start a new home.Between our services you can find:
• An introduction to relevant recreational facilities and clubs
• An introduction to language schools
• furniture and appliances assistance
• Help setting up a local bank account
• Connection of utilities and local mobile phone
• An introduction to the area around the new home, including nearby shopping, dry cleaning, transportation, wining and dining, and kids’ activities
• Assistance finding domestic helpers
• Assistance with car purchase / lease / rental and registration
• Pet  transportation
• Emergency assistance
• Welcome Kit  (Information Package)
• Temporary accommodation & lease arrangements
• House goods transportation
• Local move support
• Storage

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Moving On
.Departure service:Eglobal Service offers a complete departure service that takes the stress out of moving. Whether you are relocating back to your home country, moving interstate or moving from Brazil to a completely new destination, Eglobal Service is there to advice. We take care of all the behind the scenes details so you can relax and concentrate on your work and family.The Complete Departure program provides the following services:

  • Assist with Lease Termination
  • Prepare Home to standard in accordance with Lease
  • Liaise with Removal Companies
  • Arrange pet transport
  • Notify Post Office of change of address and arrange for mail forwarding service
  • Organize domestic and garden service
  • Organize Handyman for any minor repairs of home
  • Contact all relevant utilities and authorities and advise of cancellation and final billing

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