Immigration Goal

Ensuring compliance with each country´s immigration regulations can be stressful and very time consuming, especially when these regulations are constantly changing.  Eglobal Service provides assistance with all aspects of immigration which is the foundation for the relocation process. 

Main Services

Temporary or permanent work permits to Brazil
Permanente Visa Natural Person Investor
Extensions and conversions of temporary visa into permanent residency
Family reunification process
Naturalization and opting for Brazilian nationality
Residency applications based on Brazil-MERCOSUR Agreement
Permanent residency process due to marriage to a Brazilian citizen or having a Brazilian child
Visa cancellation
Consular Visa


Required documents for foreigners stay in Brasil:National Registry of Foreigners (RNE)
Individual Taxpayer’s Roll (CPF)
Work and social security registration (CTPS)
Driver’s license (CNH)
Anual tax return
Legalization of documents with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Corporate Services

Development of immigration policy for multinational corporations
Legal advice for corporate Human Resource Department about correct hiring procedures for foreigners in Brazil
Starting a business with or without foreigner capital investment

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