Pre MoveVisa & Immigration

The timely processing of proper documentation, work and residence permits is critical to facilitating everything from shipment clearance, housing, school registration and banking. We can assist the company and the employee with all these services (For further information concerning legal advice and Immigration assistance please visit our Immigration department).

Home Search

Our specialized home search and screening service is based on client preferences and needs. By means of a detailed questionnaire and/or a personal interview, we determine the exact housing requirements.
According to , we these requirements, we prepare a short list of properties and send photographs and details via email.  Before your arrival you will receive a detailed agenda for visits to the properties.  We accompany you in all the visits, provide intermediation and facilitate communication with agents and property owners.
Our local knowledge will help you spend your limited house hunting time efficiently and productively. Since our counselors work and live in the area, they can offer many insights to the immediate and surrounding areas. 

Between our services:

Preparation prior to arrival
Elaboration of schedule
Home inspection and inventory to establish move in conditions
Accompanied visits to properties
Lease negotiation
Cleaning services
Connection of utilities and telephon


Eglobal Service Education Assistance is a customized program designed to assist families in determining schools in the host location.  Developed as an addition to the Pre-visit program, Education Assistance allows parents to concentrate on education in conjunction with maximizeing their Home Search.  An Eglobal Service relocation counselor assists parents in narrowing down the prospective schools prior to their arrival.  This helps manage  their time while addressing key questions and concerns.

Although each Education Assistance is unique, all programs include the following:

Detailed school search needs analysis
Set up interviews with schools
Assist with registration
School search comparisons