Post Move

Intercultural and language training:

Providing the necessary intercultural and language training as part of our international relocation support program will substantially help your relocating employee to communicate and integrate effectively in their new location.
Eglobal Service provides flexible intercultural and language training programs which are based on a professional assessment of the individual’s needs.

Between our services:

Setting up of language training
Intercultural training program for adults and children
Individual, group or family options available

 Cost of living assessment:

We can provide both cost of living and housing cost comparisons for the corporate client.
To facilitate the client in reaching budget of the proposed relocation, we can provide a complete a cost forecast, taking into account the cost of living information in the specific city as well as the employees home needs and requirements. 

 Expense & support management:

Eglobal Service Expense & Support Management program, takes the burden from the Client Company by handling the payment of assignees approved expenses.  Based on the cost of living assess we can additionally provide complete expenses and support management for the client. 

Between our services:

Monthly recurring rents
Utility bills, gas, electricity, telephone, internet, TV, etc…
School fees
Property repair and maintenance costs
Car leasing
Alarm/security monitoring

 Daily Business Comfort:

Eglobal Service offers a complete ground transportation and logistical support for corporate executives, travelers and business groups.  Our chauffeurs are trained to work within a corporate environment and will deliver a consistent and dedicated transportation service.  We can assist you with your meetings, events, conventions and airport transportation.

 Settling-In & Services:

Eglobal Service Settling-In Program will develop an itineraries based on your employee needs analysis.  Our service additionally provides post-move assistance for the employee and his family.   We take care of day to day matters to help his transition into his new home.

Between our services:

An introduction to relevant recreational facilities and clubs
An introduction to language schools
furniture and appliances assistance
Help setting up a local bank account
Connection of utilities and local mobile phone
New home area introduction: nearby shopping, dry cleaning, transportation, wining and dining, kids’ activities
Assistance finding domestic helpers
Assistance with car purchase / lease / rental and registration
Pet  transportation
Emergency assistance
Welcome Kit  (Information Package)
Temporary accommodation & lease arrangements
House goods transportation (only documentation)
Local move support
House goods Storage